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BV 5/1


With the BV 5/1 Bp, Kärcher is launching a new backpack vacuum on the market. This model features a new lithium-ion battery thanks to which the vacuum cleaner for the first time delivers the same power as a mains-operated machine. Apart from selective cleaning, it can also be used for maintenance cleaning by contract cleaners, in the transport industry – buses, trains or planes – in hotels and the retail trade.
Operated in the so-called eco!efficiency mode, an energy-saving setting, it only requires 400 watts. While the consumption of the vacuum cleaner is almost halved, the run time is doubled from 24 to 46 minutes. Thanks to the low noise level, the vacuum cleaner is also suitable for use in noise-sensitive public areas. Battery replacement with the new Kärcher BV 5/1 Bp backpack vacuum is simple at the push of a button.
The carrying frame has padded shoulder and hip straps, which can be individually adjusted to suit the user. A spring steel frame with mesh keeps the machine away from the body and allows air to circulate. The vacuum cleaner is controlled via a control panel on the waistband, which indicates the battery charge status.

Specifications :

  • Air flow rate (l/s): 61
  • Vacuum (mbar/): 244/24,5
  • Container capacity (l): 5
  • Max. rated input power (W): 1300
  • Weight (kg): 5,3
  • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm): 400 x 320 x 540
  • Sound pressure level (dB(A)): 64

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